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Talks, workshops &c: slides and materials


IES FSV UK: guest lecture on Budgeting for the BA Public Economics course


[Pandemic] Open Data Expo 2021

Two-minute idea pitch: Better Data Analysis in the Public Service (in Czech), 8 March 2021

Slides | video (starting at 2h 40m)

Workshop: Effective and manageable data analysis in R (in Czech)

[Efektivní a přehledná práce s daty v jazyce R]

EU Funds Evaluation Unit Conference, MoRD CZ, 5 November 2020

basic info | slides | materials | code repo

How to access Czech open data - and use it reproducible data analysis (in Czech)

[Jak se dostat k českým otevřeným datům a využít je pro reprodukovatelnou analytiku]

Government Analysts Network meeting, 3 July 2020

slides | slides code