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I work at the intersection of data analysis, public policy and technology. I do data analysis and create tools for better, evidence-informed governance.

Currently I am a freelancer, working primarily with public and non-profit organisations. I am available for contract work. Previously, I led the strategy team at Prague’s Institute for Planning and Development, the Czech government’s evaluation unit for EU funds, as well as the data team at a small consulting company. Earlier in my career I worked as a research analyst at the Institute for Government.

Thematically, I am interested in public finance, urban governance and public strategy generally. Methodologically, I am broadly based as an analyst and policy evaluator with a preference for mixed methods research. I currently serve as a member of the board of the Czech Evaluation Society.

Technologically, I work mostly in R with a strong focus on data analysis workflows suited to the reality of evidence use in public service and civil society. I work with all sorts of data - public open data, geospatial, administrative, statistical. I am also very interested in the communication of empirical evidence, especially data visualisation.

I make packages for using open data in R, create (experimental) data dashboards, and do my own analysis of public open data as well as consulting work.

See the Czech blog if the below listing does not show what you expect.

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