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Výzkum, poradenství, analýza dat, R

Consulting work


Office of the Government, CZ (2021-ongoing): developing dataset of public finance data for estimating the impact of EU funds on the economy; analysis of public finance data to understand the role of EU funding in public spending.

Centre for Transport and Energy, CZ (2021-ongoing): Climate Tagging of EU Funds in the Czech Republic

I also work on non-technical topics (governance, policy making) with České priority / Czech Priorities, a nonprofit working to strengthen evidence-based decision making in the Czech public sector.

I am currently unable to take on larger projects.


Schola Empirica (2020): transitioning the organisation’s data analysis team to state-of-the-art reproducible workflow using custom-built package {reschola} with document templates, custom visual themes and project templates.

Ministry of Regional Development CZ (2020): preparing core data on EU subsidies for analysis, incl. extensive data checking and transformation using administrative open data and geospatial and text analysis.

Learning and development / Training

I am available to design and deliver training in data analysis (mostly R), data visualisation, open data/data governance and related topics, including comprehensive programs to help teams transition to more effective ways of working with data and empirical evidence.

You might be interested in these examples of talks and trainings (in Czech) I have delivered recently.

R packages

Quick experimental dashboards

  • czechtrack tracking selected Czech public finance time series
  • covid tracking selected data for COVID-19 in the Czech Republic

Analysis of public sector data (work in progress)

Pro bono

Č Učíme online (2021): data integration and analysis supporting operations and evaluation of volunteers helping schools with remote instruction. (Includes open and proprietary spatial, administrative, survey and project data from across a range of sources and storage locations); integration of core data on schools; collection and analysis of network data to assess the state of school technology; analysis and visualisation of data on technologies used by schools

Applied analysis

These are some publicly accessible examples of my work done for various employers over the years.

Prague Institute for Planning and Development

Ministry of Regional Development

Institute for Government