Cleans and loads a table. If needed, a dataset containing the table is downloaded.

  month = 12,
  ico = NULL,
  redownload = FALSE,
  dest_dir = NULL



A table ID. See id column in sp_tables for a list of available tables


year, numeric, 2015-2019 for some datasets, 2010-2020 for others. Can be a vector of length > 1 (see Details for how to work with data across time periods.).


month, numeric. Must be 3, 6, 9 or 12. Can be a vector of length > 1 (see details).


ID(s) of org to return, character of length one or more. If unset, returns all orgs. ID not checked for correctness/existence. See to look up ID of any org in the dataset.


Redownload even if recent file present? Defaults to FALSE.


character. Directory in which downloaded files will be stored. If left unset, will use the statnipokladna.dest_dir option if the option is set, and tempdir() otherwise. Will be created if it does not exist.


a tibble; see Details for key to the columns


The data is loaded from files downloaded automatically by sp_get_dataset(); files persist in a temporary directory per session.

How data for different time periods is exported differs by dataset. This has significant implications for how you get to usable full-year numbers or time series in different tables. See vignette("statnipokladna") for details on this.

Data is processed in the following way:

  • all columns are given names that are human-readable and facilitato add codelists

  • ICO (org. IDs) are normalised as in some datasets they are padded with leading zeros

  • a vykaz_date, vykaz_year and vykaz_month columns are created to identify the time period

  • value columns are transformed into numeric

  • other columns are left as character to avoid losing information

Correspondence between input and output columns

Shared/multiple tables

ZC_VTABvtabtable numbertabulka-
ZC_UCJEDucjedaccounting unitúčetní jednotkaNB: ucjed != ico; the two codes are different; ICO is universal, ucjed is specific to SP, and both denote an organisation.
ZC_VYKAZvykazreport numbervýkaz-
ZFUNDS_CTfinmistoaccounting centrefinanční místoeither kapitola or "organizační složka státu" (core state org)
ZC_ICOicoorg IDIČOsee ucjed
ZC_FUNDzdrojfunding sourcezdroj-
ZC_NUTSnutsNUTS codeNUTS kód-
ZC_LAUokresNUTS code of LAU1 unitLAU1 kód-

Tables budget-*

ZCMMT_ITMpolozkaitem/linepoložka (druhové členění)NB: polozka != polvyk
0CI_TYPEpolozka_typeitem/line typetyp položky-
FUNC0AREAparagrafsector lineparagraf (odvětvové členění)-
ZC_PVSpvsprogramme codeprogramové výdaje státupost-2014
ZC_EDSedssubsidy and proprty evidenceEvidenční dotační systém / správa majetku ve vlastnictví státupost-2014, No codelist - perhaps external via
ZC_UCRISucrispurposeÚčelpost-2014, no codelist found
0FUNC_AREAparagrafsector lineparagraf (odvětvové členění)-
ZU_ROZSCHbudget_adoptedbudget as originally adoptedschválený rozpočet-
ZU_ROZPZMbudget_amendedbudget as amended throughout the yearrozpočet po změnách-
ZU_KROZPbudget_finalfinal budgetkonečný rozpočet-
ZU_ROZKZbudget_spendingactual spendingskutečnost-

Table budget-indicators

| Original | Output | English | Czech | Note | | ZC_PSUK | psuk | budgetary indicator | Závazný a průřezový indikátor | Use psuk codelist |

**Table budget-central-old-subsidies **

| Original | Output | English | Czech | Note | | ZC_ZREUZ | ucelznak | Purpose identifier | Účelový znak | - |

**Table budget-central-old-purpose-grants **

| Original | Output | English | Czech | Note | | 0PU_MEASURE | rozprog | Budgetary programme | Rozpočtový program | - |

Tables balance-sheet*

ZC_POLVYKpolvykitem/linepoložka výkazu-
ZC_SYNUCsynucsynthetic accountsyntetický účet-
ZU_MONETprevious_netnet, previous periodnetto minulé období-
ZU_AOBTTOcurrent_grossgross, current periodbrutto běžné období-
ZU_AONETcurrent_netnet, current periodnetto běžné období-
ZU_AOKORRcurrent_correctioncorrection, current periodkorekce běžné období-

Tables profit-and-loss-*

ZU_HLCINprevious_corecore activity, previous periodhlavní činnost, minulé období-
ZU_HOSCINprevious_economiceconomic activity, previous periodhospodářská činnost, minulé období-
ZU_HLCIBOcurrent_corecore activity, current periodhlavní činnost, běžné období-
ZU_HCINBOcurrent_economiceconomic activity, current periodhospodářská činnost, běžné období-

Table changes-in-equity

ZU_STAVPbeforeprevious periodstav minulé období-
ZU_STAVPOaftercurrent periodstav běžné období-
ZU_ZVYSincreaseincreasezvýšení stavu-
ZU_SNIZdecreasedecreasesnížení stavu-

Table cash-flow

ZU_BEZUOcurrentcurrent periodběžné účetní období-

See also


if (FALSE) { allorgs_2018 <- sp_get_table("budget-central", 2018) allorgs_mid2018 <- sp_get_table("budget-central", 2018, 6) oneorg_multiyear <- sp_get_table("budget-central", 2017:2018, 12, ico = "00064581") oneorg_multihalfyears <- sp_get_table("budget-central", 2017:2018, c(6, 12), ico = "00064581") }