statnipokladna 0.7.0 Unreleased


  • sp_get_dataset() no longer unzips the downloaded archive. It therefore returns the path to the downloaded zip file, not to the unzipped files. This is needed to support a more modular workflow (see below and vignette("workflow", package = "statnipokladna")).
  • The year param in sp_get_table() and sp_get_dataset() now has no default. This is more sensible when there is no easy way to determine the latest available table/dataset and in any case better for reproducibility. The new sp_get_dataset_url() also has this updated behaviour.
  • the columns signifying the time period of the result of sp_get_table() have been renamed for more clarity and consistency:
    • period_vykaz to vykaz_date
    • per_m to vykaz_month
    • per_yr to vykaz_year
  • sp_add_codelist() no longer creates messy column names in the form of [codelist name]_nazev_nazev

New features

  • the core functions have been rewritten into a more modular architecture and their constituent modules exported. This allows more fine-grained control over workflows using lower-level functions to accommodate caching and reproducibility e.g. via {targets} or {drake}.
    • sp_get_[dataset|table|codelist] are now effectively wrappers around several lower-level functions
    • those previously using these core functions should see no change except for one breaking change in sp_get_dataset() (see above).
    • the lower-level functions enable step-by-step workflows with transparency of intermediate steps (URLs, downloaded ZIP archives, pointers to specific CSV files, etc.) See vignette("workflow", package = "statnipokladna")


  • better error messages around mismatches between table ID and file in archive
  • more informative errors when online files are not available
  • improve date parsing in sp_get_codelist() to handle inconsistent date formats in some codelists
  • faster loading of tables from previously downloaded and unzipped datasets
  • empty strings in codelists are now returned as NA
  • more columns are now properly named in the output so they can be linked to codelists, incl. columns related to programme spend and rifngfenced (‘purpose’-marked) spend
  • rozprog (programme spend ID) as well as nastroj and nastrojanal codelists are now recognised

Bug fixes

  • when setting dest_dir in sp_get_*() functions, files are now put into the right directory even if dest_dir does not contain a trailing slash
  • sp_get_dataset_doc() now creates dest_dir if it does not exist, as advertised in the documentation
  • upgrade dplyr dependency to aviod mysterious “unused argument” error in codelist functions
  • balance sheets of city districts can now be loaded for all years where they are available
  • examples are now safe to run on CRAN

statnipokladna 0.6.0 2020-11-10


  • directory for downloading raw data and documentation in all sp_get_*() functions can now be set in the option statnipokladna.dest_dir. Set this at the beginning of your script or once per session, or in your .Rprofile (e.g. setOption(statnipokladna.dest_dir = "~/sp_data") for cross-session storage or setOption(statnipokladna.dest_dir = "sp_data") for storing all data downloaded by statnipokladna in an sp_data subfolder of the current project.)
  • downloaded data is no longer nested in a statnipokladna directory inside dest_dir.
  • minor improvements and updates in vignettes.
  • properly included the tibble package to ensure correct print methods for output tibbles
  • sp_get_dataset() and sp_get_dataset_doc() now return their outputs invisibly and provide better messages

Bug fixes


Functions with names not starting with sp_ are deprecated and emit a warning. Use equivalent functions named sp_*.

statnipokladna 0.5.7 2020-04-12

Bug fixes

  • adapt to new URL scheme for data exports at, fixes #74
  • simple codelists with no *_date columns now work in sp_add_codelist(), fixes #66

Minor improvements

Documentation updates

  • fixed all outdated links to
  • nicer vignette index entries
  • vignette and functions now document working with multiple time periods, which differs between datasets/tables
  • several clarifications on how to use codelists

statnipokladna 0.5.6 2020-03-31

  • CRAN fix: replace \dontrun{} with \donttest{} and T/F with TRUE/FALSE
  • updated examples so they do not use deprecated functions
  • fixed bug in sp_get_table() - missing usethis::
  • changed default in sp_get_dataset()
  • update examples so nothing breaks
  • fixed bug in sp_add_codelist introduced when fixing CRAN note

statnipokladna 0.5.5 Unreleased

Fixes for CRAN

  • fix last URL in README by making it absolute

statnipokladna 0.5.4 Unreleased

Fixes for CRAN

  • added URL into Description field in DESCRIPTION
  • fixed URLs in README

statnipokladna 0.5.3 Unreleased

Changes in documentation

  • There is now a basic Get Started vignette, which is complementary to the README and contains basic background to the data
  • the original Czech data vignette was renamed to “how-the-data-works-cz.Rmd/html” and the data gotchas part was hived off into “data-issues-cz.Rmd/html”

Bug fixes and minor improvements

  • deprecation warnings now show correct package name
  • added informative error messages when internet is unavailable
  • sp_get_dataset_doc() now checks that dataset exists before pointing/downloading.
  • updated README with a bit more detail

Prepare for CRAN release

  • fixed dplyr-related NOTE on unavailable objects
  • added CRAN notes
  • updated LICENSE to work for CRAN
  • added

statnipokladna 0.5.2 Unreleased

  • all exported functions renamed to sp_* to avoid conflicts with other packages and for better discoverability via autocomplete; original functions are soft-deprecated.

statnipokladna 0.5.1 Unreleased


  • get_table() now provides access to changes-in-equity data (přehled o změnách vlastního kapitálu, use "changes-in-equity" table id) and cash flow statements (přehled o peněžních tocích, use "cash-flow" id)

statnipokladna 0.5.0 Unreleased

New features

  • all functions downloading data now have dest_dir parameter which allows you to store the downloaded files anywhere, not just in temp dir; this in effect enables cross-session storage and avoids unnecessary redownloads


  • adapt month parameter check to upgrade in the published data which now contains monthly releases for some reports
  • argument force_redownload in get_[table|dataset|codelist]() renamed to redownload
  • improved UI: messaging and guidance

statnipokladna 0.4.2 Unreleased

statnipokladna 0.4.1 Unreleased

  • fixed bug where get_codelist() did not create the right temp directory

statnipokladna 0.4.0 Unreleased

Breaking changes

  • value columns (previously starting with ZU_) now renamed to human-readable English names

New features

  • all key tables, except state funds (FINSF) now included in sp_tables and thus available in get_table()


  • improved documentation - added details to explain what each function assumes and does
  • updated README
  • fixed issue so package now also handles pre-2014 data
  • minor improvement to messages
  • speed improvement to data processing by get_table() when ico is set
  • codelists downloaded by *_codelist() are now stored in tempdir

statnipokladna 0.3.0 Unreleased

Breaking changes

  • the ico parameter in get_table() now directly follows the key parameters; this will break cases where the function was called with unnamed parameters but will make use more straighforward.
  • the table_id parameter in get_table() is now a human-readable alphanumeric code, not a meaningless number. This will break all uses of get_table but make future use more sensible.

New features

  • new add_codelist() function for joining codelists to core financial data
  • get_codelist() gains n parameter, allowing only a limited number of rows of a codelist to be retrieved (to save time)
  • get_codelist() has a new paramater which opens the online codelist viewer
  • filtering using ico parameter in get_table() now works


  • updated table of tables (now covers all key tables, includes notes)
  • get_codelist() now returns a codelist df ready to join to core data

statnipokladna 0.2.3 Unreleased

statnipokladna 0.2.2 Unreleased

  • bug fix in get_table and get_codelist: corrected logic around druhove trideni (polozka codelist)
  • clearer README
  • correction in vignette regarding consolidation

statnipokladna 0.2.1 Unreleased

  • improved documentation
  • updated README

statnipokladna 0.2.0 Unreleased

  • new get_dataset() function for retrieving files
  • new get_table() function for loading data - only experimental
  • new get_dataset_doc() function for accessing/downloading official documentation for each dataset
  • exported data frames with descriptions of available tables, datasets and codelists
  • minor updates to data vignette

statnipokladna 0.1.1 Unreleased

  • added feedback info to data vignette
  • fixed typos and testing infrastructure

statnipokladna 0.1.0 Unreleased

  • exported get_codelist()
  • added vignette explaining the underlying open data

statnipokladna Unreleased

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.